Our Voices

Why do you support a union at Code for America?

To have better salaries and have transparency when changes happen that would affect me.
– Client Success Advocate

I support [CfA Workers United] because I believe the best way to make government work for everyone is to make sure we have the structures in place for a sustainable, diverse, and healthy work environment.
-Tom Dooner, Engineer

Improve workplace communication, pensions and benefits.
– Client Success Advocate

A union will support equity, transparency, and solidarity for the workers of Code for America. Through a union, I believe we can increase staff well-being, and add to the long list of reasons why members of staff are proud to work at Code for America.
– Ash Campo, Engineer

A union is a safety net for ourselves. I support a union at CfA because we can better support our clients when we’re heard and our needs are met.
– Anonymous

Every worker deserves a union!
– Rachel Edelman, Designer

Workers deserve more than just a voice in decision making that affects them, they deserve power. That’s what democracy is all about, and having a union brings democracy to work for all of us.
– Ben Calegari, Engineer

The people most affected by decisions should be part of making those decisions.
- Whitney Schaefer, Engineer

I am proud to support the Code for America union and see it as a natural extension of our work the center the voices of impacted folks in the decision-making process.
- Matt Bernius, User Researcher