What is a union?

Unions represent employees at a company or organization in negotiations with management about wages, benefits, and workplace policies. Without representation from a union, management can dictate working conditions with no formal input from employees. Once employees form a union, management is legally bound to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement that will govern terms of employment at the organization.

Why do we need a union?

All workers deserve to see themselves represented fully in their workplaces. Beyond that, we want to gain a seat at the table and work with management to build more transparency around our roles and organization-wide decision making.

In our work, we believe the voices and lived experiences of people most affected by government policies must be centered in the formation of those policies. Forming a union models those values by claiming the power to democratically shape how we work together. It will enable our relationship with management to be more collaborative, give us a sense of ownership and empowerment in our workplace, and set an example for other organizations in the technology and nonprofit worlds.

What is the status of CfA Workers United?

On August 2nd, 2021, workers at Code for America sent a request for voluntary recognition to the CEO. We are waiting on our CEO’s response to our request for voluntary recognition.

What does it mean to ask for voluntary recognition?

The smoothest way to win a union at our workplace is through voluntary recognition. Since a supermajority of union-eligible (non-supervisory) employees have expressed support for our union by signing authorization cards, we have asked management to agree to recognize our union without making us go through a lengthy NLRB election. They have the opportunity to do so and move forward to bargaining our contract!

I’m not a Code for America employee, how do I support the union?

Follow us on Twitter @cfaworkers.

Tweet @codeforamerica to show your support, here are some example tweets

I am excited to support the union effort at @codeforamerica. When workers have a seat at the table, the whole org will be better aligned with its mission to center those most impacted by decision making.

I am so proud to be a part of the @codeforamerica network, and I’m thrilled to see that the org is unionizing to increase their positive impact on the field!